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If These Heels Could Talk

Mar 31, 2021

They say there’s nothing more flattering than being copied. In business, trying to do things just like a competitor may not be the best strategy. Nothing wrong with learning from your competition. But there’s something wrong with copying your closest competitor. 


In any business, there’s competition. When...

Mar 17, 2021

Would a rose, by any other name, smell as sweet? Would a brand, by any other name, be the same?


Naming is a tricky business. You want something unique. Something that describes the business. Something you love. 


But don’t forget the other factors in naming. Spelling. Trademark abilities. Unintended cultural...

Mar 10, 2021

Are your assets covered? That is, is your brand accurately trademarked? Is your web content copyright protected? How do you know?


JoyGenea and Michelle cover the wonderful world of Intellectual Property in this episode of “If These Heels Could Talk.” From their own experiences with trademark violations, cease and...

Mar 3, 2021

Marcus Lemonis is famous for saying, over and over during many seasons of The Profit, “If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business.”  But what numbers is he talking about?


He’s talking about profit & loss, cash flow, and debt. He’s talking about your balance sheet - revenue vs. expenses....