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If These Heels Could Talk

May 6, 2020


I heard that we are all in the same boat, but it's not like that. We are in the same storm, but not in the same boat.” - Unknown

A friend of the show posted a poem called Perspective not too long ago. It’s the same metaphor that JoyGenea and Michelle use in this episode of If These Heels Could Talk: a boat, adrift without any sense of just where the shore actually could be. 

We’re feeling a bit adrift this week, untethered to those things that usually help guide us in our decisions. But is it all bad? What if the tethers were holding us back from possibilities? What if, like a 14 year old article on Preparing for a Pandemic, we advise ourselves to make a plan and stick to it. To set a course and trust that, eventually, we will see land on the horizon.