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If These Heels Could Talk

Jan 9, 2020

Boundaries are more than lines on a map.  Boundaries are about respecting each other’s limitations. But when it comes to family, boundaries create all kinds of feelings like rejection, fear, shame, and guilt. In reality, boundaries with family are no different than with clients or vendors.  Clear communication about what you are able to provide and what you can handle or not handle is a gift worth giving to yourself and those around you.  


In this episode, JoyGenea and Michelle discuss their varying degrees of success with family boundaries, how to spot a need for boundaries, and how the holidays can remind us why boundaries are so very necessary in relationships.


SNL Video referenced in the podcast.  Michelle was right, it is a 2018 video.

JoyGenea mentions in the show about watching someone have a nervous breakdown.  This is a very good video about a mental breakdown.