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If These Heels Could Talk

Dec 15, 2021

When you spend every day in the trenches, it is hard to know the way out. It is hard to see any other path than the well-worn one in front of you. Time away is essential for creative problem-solving. When is your next true vacation?


And we don’t mean when is your next day that you don’t go to the office. Because today, we take our offices with us everywhere we go. Boundaries are blurred between work and home, work and life. We can answer email everywhere. So we do. We can ‘take a quick call’ anywhere. So we do. And we teach those around us that we are always available. 


How can you get out of those trenches? How can you pull away so your brain has time to rest and gain perspective? Because when you do, you will solve problems you can’t even see right now. Your business will grow. Your team will succeed. And your family will thank you.


Listen in as JoyGenea and Michelle discuss true vacations and the benefits to their businesses.