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If These Heels Could Talk

Jun 16, 2021

You might be overlooking talent and leadership in your organization and not even know it. Many times, introverts are uncomfortable speaking up in meetings, voicing ideas, or even just so overwhelmed by the social interactions that the meetings are uncomfortable. If this is your only interaction with some of your staff, it may be the only way you can assess their work and potential. Introverts do this in in-person meetings with their hands tied behind their backs.


Think back to spring of 2020 when all your meetings moved online. Most extroverted people struggled - struggled to connect, struggled with the technology, insisted that meeting in person was the only way. Most introverted people transitioned easily and enjoyed meetings more. In fact, as virtual meetings continued past spring, many introverts were able to shine in ways they couldn’t before.


As an introvert, JoyGenea has been questioning the efficacy of in-person meetings for many organizations. And then starting to wonder about why she and other introverts are pushing back so very hard. And why some members are just assuming that everyone wants to be in person again. As a social introvert, Michelle is also noticing the benefits of continuing virtual meetings - on time, productivity, and efficiency.


So why are we rushing back to in-person?