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If These Heels Could Talk

Dec 1, 2021

Seamless integration. Stellar customer service. Fantastic value. 


In marketing, we call it puffery. Not being shy about what our businesses do well. Sometimes, puffery borders on overstatement. When it enters the sales process, it can be downright harmful. Because if you can’t deliver what you promise in a sales meeting, you might get the client, but you lose the relationship.


Why? Sales is about promise. Delivery is about fulfillment, or living up to that promise. So if your sales and onboarding team aren’t communicating well, or the person who needs to work through a process at a client’s business isn’t part of the team choosing a vendor, delivery can’t fulfill the promise of sales. Trust is broken. The relationship devolves. And maybe you get to keep that business, but you won’t get the referral or the next project. 


Michelle and JoyGenea talk about preventative selling. That is, making sure you sell what you can deliver. And then working to fulfill those promises with intention, everyday.