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If These Heels Could Talk

Jul 21, 2021

It’s not about how much your product or service costs. It’s about the value of that product or service in your client’s mind. 


It’s not about who sees your ad. It’s about what your ad says (or doesn’t say) that creates desire. 


Marketing isn’t advertising. But strong marketing and strong advertising emanate from the same place - understanding your brand’s unique selling proposition and then communicating that, over and over, in different ways. 


Often, both Michelle and JoyGenea hear from clients who want to place advertisements. And when asked what we’re advertising, it’s a throwaway answer, like ‘whatever, we just need to get our name out there.’ And then a month later, the same client comes to us with a ‘how do I know if it worked?’ question. 


It’s not about having all the answers in advance. It’s about being thoughtful with the questions, knowing your business’s unique contribution to your clients, knowing the value you bring to their lives, the pain point you help them resolve. And then telling people about that.