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If These Heels Could Talk

Feb 19, 2020

As a small business hiring is one of the biggest hurdles you will have to jump.  The first hire can be pivotal to how you feel about growing your business and having more staff.  

Michelle talks about the first hire she added and what that was like for her as a business owner and now being at the place of having seven employees and growing.  JoyGenea gives insight into using subcontractors to grow her business and supporting other solopreneurs. Together they talk about the tools they use and the best steps they have found to attract the best talent to work with.

They touch on a section of an article in the Harvard Business Review Nov/Dec 2019 “For Women In Business” Professor Sheppard about hiring as anonymous as possible. Assigning numbers to applicants and removing ways to google candidates.  JoyGenea talks about recently being on a hiring committee and actually doing these things and what that was like for her.

Don’t be afraid to grow your business because you are not sure how to hire. You can be afraid you will screw it up, we all feel that way at first and then you push through it.  Learn some tips from Michelle and JoyGenea and laugh with them as they explore hiring and expanding your business.