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If These Heels Could Talk

Sep 22, 2021

Oh, look. You stumbled over a consequence. 


Consequences of our choices and other’s choices are all around us in business and leadership. And sometimes, like children, we stamp our feet and proclaim it’s just not fair. But outcomes of our decisions are rarely all one bad or all good. In fact, we typically don’t know all the consequences of our actions.


Natural consequences are the ones that just happen - drink to excess, get a hangover. Imposed consequences are things like getting grounded, getting ‘written up’, or getting arrested. An authority develops a system of corrective action intended to incentivize desirable behavior. Say you’re always late for work. Your coworkers may gossip about you behind your back, resent your behavior as disrespectful, or act in a way that feels disrespectful to you. Natural consequences. Your boss may start disciplining you or fire you. Imposed consequences.


Listen in as Michelle and JoyGenea apply this to various situations in their life and pose one question: Which one is more likely to change behavior?