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If These Heels Could Talk

May 25, 2022

The Brilliant Leader Sole award is a way of recognizing those that struggle to be recognized. On a large scale, women entrepreneurs are overlooked for public recognition. Their accomplishments tend to be in more spheres - women who own businesses are often still the primary (or sole!) caregiver to children or aging parents. Still the ones in charge of the household management. And often at the cost of what their business could have been.


And while each woman must make those decisions personally, at If These Heels Could Talk, we recognize the tremendous impact these women have on their communities, quietly, over decades. Donating time and resources to community non-profits and children’s sports teams, keeping diners and salons and boutiques open for business day after day. 


There’s not a ton of recognition opportunities there. So we made one. It’s called the Brilliant Leader Sole award. Hear the story.