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If These Heels Could Talk

Apr 21, 2021

Why would anyone leave a healthy relationship? Professionally, we do it all the time. Sometimes we outgrow a group. Sometimes we find something that fits our professional goals better. Sometimes we’re recruited. Sometimes another relationship, like a partner or children, takes precedence. The trick is to alter the terms of the relationships in a way that continues building them. You’re not really leaving a job - you’re opening up an opportunity for someone else. You’re not really firing someone - you’re freeing them up to find someplace better.


Leaving a relationship better than when you arrived is a skill that not many people share. But even great relationships end. How can you cross the good-bye bridge without burning it behind you? 


Michelle and JoyGenea talk through the missteps they have seen, from over explaining to not listening, in their small community where no relationship ever really ends. It just changes.