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If These Heels Could Talk

Feb 9, 2022

Imagine you’re a doctor. A patient walks in and says, “I need this medicine.” Do you prescribe the medicine? Or do you ask some questions first? How about, what are your symptoms? What are you experiencing that makes you feel you need that medicine? What do you think the medicine will do for you?


Now pull back to the last time someone called up your business and said, “I need a website. How much?” Or “I heard a business coach can help my sales. How much revenue do you add for your clients?” Or “Can you teleport me?” There’s no good way to answer these questions without more information.


Sometimes strong communication requires you to hear what others aren’t able to say. Sometimes sales means you have to think around the request that people are making and to the goal they actually have. 


Michelle and JoyGenea talk about answering the questions your client doesn’t know how to ask. The best way is to drive the conversation toward their goals, what Brene Brown calls ‘painting done.’ Turns out, a teleportation request might be as simple as calling a car service.