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If These Heels Could Talk

Oct 6, 2021

Swag or promotional products, can be an excellent way to extend your networking and help build your small business. But, like any other advertising options, swag needs to be executed correctly. Every real estate and insurance agent in your area will give away a calendar, or a pen, or a can cozy. The bank and law firms will also have pens. The law firm ones might be slightly nicer. Coffee cups, hats, and whatever is on trend for the year (pop sockets and fidget spinners have been popular recently) will be at every trade show, conference, and parade. Not to mention the all popular charity 5K t-shirt. 


And some of these get worn or used. You can often see a 5K t-shirt in action while someone is mowing their lawn or painting. But when is the last time you saw a promotional product on someone’s desk at work? When was the last time someone said, “You should see this amazing thing I got from XYZ company.”


The power of promotional products isn’t always in the universal appeal. Sometimes the power is in the unique. Or the remarkable. Or the creative. None of which automatically mean expensive. But all of which mean time, effort, and thought given. 


Listen in as Michelle and JoyGenea discuss the power of swag and what it can do for your business’s reputation.