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If These Heels Could Talk

Jun 10, 2020

There is so much to do when starting a new business that new entrepreneurs typically have trouble prioritizing. So much demand on time and money resources that decisions get made for expediency and costs. But some of those decisions have long arms and can impact a business negatively in opportunity cost - that is, if they don’t get done correctly and well the first time, it costs more to fix them in the long run. And fix them you will, or they will hold your business back. 


A banker would say it’s a business plan. An accountant would say it’s accounting software. A lawyer would say it’s business filing documents. All these things are true. Michelle and JoyGenea are marketers. And with so many people contemplating starting a business right now, they’re sharing the Top 5 Money Saving Marketing Tips. These are 5 simple things that an entrepreneur can do (or pay for) to get their business set up for success online. In other words, the 5 things JoyGenea and Michelle have to fix most often in year 2 or 3 for a business. Take notes! It really does save money to do it right the first time!