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If These Heels Could Talk

Oct 13, 2021

It’s like a break-up. Someone is going to want it and someone else isn’t. 


As a small business owner, when you have to fire an employee, you know it’s going to be emotional and difficult. Even if the emotion is anger. But how do you handle it when someone decides to leave?


Employment is a relationship. It can feel transactional and distant or it can feel emotionally intense, but it’s still a relationship. And all relationships require both parties to consent to continue the relationship. As employers, we earn our employees’ trust and loyalty through our leadership. Employees earn an employer’s trust and loyalty through job performance and their contributions to the team. Listen in as Michelle and JoyGenea talk about what it feels like to get ‘dumped’ by an employee. And, more importantly, what to do to re-engage the rest of the team in the transition.