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If These Heels Could Talk

Feb 2, 2022

Or manage your calendar. Or take out your trash. Or create meeting agendas.

Why? Because your time is better spent running your business. Paying attention to the things that only you can pay attention to. Creating new products, developing your leaders, dreaming about what's next - that's your job description. And it doesn't mean that you can't answer email. But it does mean that every hour you're doing what someone else could do, you're costing your business money.

What's stopping you? Likely a belief about those tasks. Does one of these sound familiar?

It's not a full-time job!

No one could do it as well as me.

It will take me longer to explain than to just do it myself.

No one wants to clean up after me.

You might have your own version. Listen in as JoyGenea and Michelle talk about how they overcame the beliefs that were no longer serving them and developed job descriptions that would help run their businesses and keep their focus where it belonged.