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If These Heels Could Talk

Jun 23, 2021

It’s not that you think you’re wrong. You know you’re right. But you also know that women get negative feedback from others (women and men), when we insist on getting what we want - what we order in a restaurant, what we pay for at the auto mechanics, what we need from our doctors. A purist may say that holding our space is important in every situation. A realist may say that is exhausting so pick your battles. So how do you decide, in a professional situation, when to insist and when to back down?


Listen in as Michelle and JoyGenea discuss ways to hold your space and the allies we find along the way. Sometimes, when we think people are going to be upset with us for asking, we discover that they actually wanted to know all along. Sometimes asking someone to hold an employee, consultant, or subcontractor accountable allows them the opportunity to do so. If we don’t ask, we’re filling in the gaps in the story and assuming what another person will think or do. Not very flattering on us or them.