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If These Heels Could Talk

Mar 29, 2023

What happens when partners are at a different stage? Life partners, business partners - when two people are facing circumstances that require they move at different paces, it puts stress on their living or working relationship. 

JoyGenea opens up about personal changes that require partners accommodate - and the...

Mar 22, 2023

Tractor Wars by Neil Dahlstrom is a book about the disruption of an industry and the start (and end) of hundreds of American companies. The birth of mechanized farming was not a fast, easy, or simple one and had huge numbers of heavy hitters at the heart of the change. Working from John Deere company archives,...

Mar 15, 2023

It can feel like recycling. It can feel like you’re repeating your message over and over and over again. And you are. Content Marketing is about getting your message to different audiences through different channels. And your message needs to stay cohesive, strategic, and highlight your unique selling propositions. 

Mar 8, 2023

Some people prefer the roller coaster - dramatic ups and downs, twists and turns, high speed change. Some people prefer the merry go round - stable, predictable, measured regularity. Nothing inherently right or wrong with either. But some people love one and are terrified with the other. For those who love the...

Mar 1, 2023

Coming soon to a Meta near you: paid identity verification. There are not many details available yet, but how the rollout works in Australia and New Zealand might determine quite a few open questions, like whether or not verification will be required to run a business or organization page.

Listen in as Michelle and...