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If These Heels Could Talk

Dec 9, 2020

Automations are an excellent way to accomplish marketing tasks and maintain communication with customers and clients. From drip campaigns through email to SMS text messaging to Zapier connections from one system to another, automations remove the need for all kinds of resources spent on redundant tasks.


But they’re not perfect. Especially if they’re broken. The question to ask yourself is, “Are my automations set up in a way that multiple people and troubleshoot them, know what to do, and help a customer regardless?” When people don’t have an overall picture of how automations, especially automated communications, work or say, they need to repeat information or request repeats of information from customers. Not ideal.


Listen in as JoyGenea and Michelle discuss how to avoid customer service issues caused by inattention to automations. And think about the right role for automations in your organization.