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If These Heels Could Talk

Oct 27, 2021

They say that practice makes perfect. But what if practice is scary and perfect isn’t needed? Does that mean you don’t need to practice?


In business, we plan for lots of things that never happen. And lots of things that do. We buy insurance against fire and data loss, theft and tornados. We might even put disaster...

Oct 20, 2021

Hiring is hard. And it’s harder when fewer people apply for an open position. 


When it was an ‘employer’s market,’ tons of people would apply for job openings. Employers had their pick. Those employers in upward trending industries or with great reputations or with fantastic benefits packages tend to have less...

Oct 13, 2021

It’s like a break-up. Someone is going to want it and someone else isn’t. 


As a small business owner, when you have to fire an employee, you know it’s going to be emotional and difficult. Even if the emotion is anger. But how do you handle it when someone decides to leave?


Employment is a relationship. It can...

Oct 6, 2021

Swag or promotional products, can be an excellent way to extend your networking and help build your small business. But, like any other advertising options, swag needs to be executed correctly. Every real estate and insurance agent in your area will give away a calendar, or a pen, or a can cozy. The bank and law firms...