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If These Heels Could Talk

Oct 27, 2021

They say that practice makes perfect. But what if practice is scary and perfect isn’t needed? Does that mean you don’t need to practice?


In business, we plan for lots of things that never happen. And lots of things that do. We buy insurance against fire and data loss, theft and tornados. We might even put disaster plans on paper. But when do we train our staff in the plan? When do we practice?


Anxiety is partially about not feeling prepared. What do we do in the event of a fire? Terrible weather? Or even a human-driven disaster like an active shooter?


There are some simple things you can do to reduce the stress for your staff and yourself and increase the safety of everyone. Listen in as JoyGenea tells the story of being a visitor in a hospital ICU during an intense Active Shooter (ALICE) Training. And as Michelle and JoyGenea discuss the importance of preparedness. Even reluctant preparedness. 


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