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If These Heels Could Talk

Aug 11, 2021

Every week, there’s another headline about millennials and what they’re doing wrong - not enough of this, too much of that. Millennials have, evidently, killed the diamond and dairy industries, refused home ownership on a massive scale, and slowed the birth rate to its lowest point ever. Wow. That’s a ton of responsibility.


Employers just shake their heads and ponder how to engage with a millennial work force. Now that millennials are in their 30’s and *gasp* 40’s, employers need to face up to a different type of leadership emerging in their companies. It’s a leadership style that has less foundation in accountability and more in compassion. Less focus on competition and more on collaboration. But also mired in self-doubt and a lack of sustained follow through.


As a millennial and Gen Z’er respectively, Michelle and JoyGenea share a unique perspective. Employers have an obligation to train and develop leaders from the millennial generation. Because without those future leaders, where will your company go?